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  • Power Transformer

    Transformers play a key role in the reliability of power transmission and power distribution in infrastructure systems, industry and households. The construction, rated power, voltage level and scope of application are all key factors that determine the transformer’s design.

    Bulox Power provides the right transformer for every need – from compact distribution transformers to large power transformers with ratings above 1,000 MVA. Bulox Power product range covers all mainstream requirements like UHV DC applications, low noise emission and environmentally friendly products with alternative insulation liquids, also embedded in a complete power system from generation via transmission to distribution networks. The long-term reliability of a transformer begins with its initial high quality. Then transformer lifecycle management measures maintain that quality throughout the transformer’s entire life.

    Bulox Power meets the growing global demand for transformers in a variety of ways; by further optimization of value-added steps in the worldwide network, by use of approaches such as vertical integration and by the pursuit of programs for boosting productivity.


    • Cost efficient and safe
    • Designed according to individual factors such as voltage power, power, climate, system topography, sound level, etc.
    • Extremely low mean time between failures
    • Maximum quality
    • Provide sufficient and reliable power
    • Quality assurance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001
    • Service reliability at site