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  • Diesel Genset

    Generator set or “genset” is a piece of portable equipment, consisting of an engine and an electric generator, used to provide energy and supply electric power for the essential loads. In the event of a complete or partial failure of Power Supply , the diesel genset together with the ancillary equipment will be automatically started up, synchronised and take over the emergency loads from the failure of the power supply. Diesel Genset is a reliable power supply device that is used for generating electricity and provides continuous power supply during power interruptions. 


    • Low maintenance
    • Low operating cost
    • Cost efficiency and safe 
    • Maximum quality
    • Efficiency of fuel
    • Provide sufficient and reliable power
  • Other Power Packaged Solutions

    Bulox Power can offer a wide variety of power house designs, each of which is carefully tailored to the customer’s application.  Bulox Power houses typically include heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems which are designed to both extend the life and reliability of the equipment installed in the poser house and at the same time provide a conducive working environment for operations and maintenance personnel.


    • Can be transported to the installation site as fully assembled, pretested units
    • Compact power equipment centres
    • Fabricated from galvanized steel, aluminium and/or stainless steel.
    • Interlocking panels
    • Minimum space requirement
    • Non-metallic wall systems
    • Seal-welded type
  • Rotary Frequency Converter

    A Rotary Frequency Converter, also known as frequency changer, is a type of electrical machine which acts as a mechanical rectifier or frequency converter. 

    Rotary converters used electrical energy to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), or DC to AC power, before the advent of chemical or solid state power rectification and inverting. 


    • Simple design
    • Energy saving
    • Low Maintenance
    • Cost effiency and safe
    • Reduce system stress
    • Extends component life
    • Maximum Quality