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  • Bulox Power utiliezes high quality MV and LV Busduct System to integrate most of its Transformers to its MV/LV main switchboards for its projects, where required. Bulox Power supply the full range of busduct system from 25A to 6300A for industrial applications and infrastructure. 

    The MV Busduct System  and LV Busduct System offer an optimun safe and reliable trasmission and distribution of electrical power from transformer via main distribution switchboard and sub distribution board right to the load. The Busduct System offer a standard of safety and reliability that meets the specific high performance expectation of automated production and for building services provision. It is type tested medium voltage / low voltage assembly in accordance with standard IEC 60439.


    • Simple planning and quick installation/ assembly 
    • Safe and reliable power transmission
    • Universal power distribution
    • High System serviceability in production
    • Flexible power distribution in multi-storey buildings
    • Long energy supply runs
    • Minimum Space require
    • Clear network structure 
    • High Short Circuit rating and low fire load
    • High degree of protection to IP54 
    • Low operating costs