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  • Features

    • Clamping frame and truck
    • Easy to install, maintain and operate
    • Economic power supply directly at the consumer
    • Energy efficient
    • Exceeding highest safety standards
    • Designed to fulfil the new EU requirements
    • Designed to withstand electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses
    • Highly resilient
    • Maintenance-free with minimum footprint
    • Modular fully compartmentalized design
    • Quality assurance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001
    • Reliable
    • Stable
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Paint finish on steel parts
  • A. Oil-Immersed Transformers


    • High quality, efficiency and reliability
    • Indoor & outdoor installation
    • Robust in design and low noise level
    • Safe (fully enclosed)
    • Ability to withstand high impulse and short circuit
    • Insensitive to high temperatures, influence of air oxygen and catalysts
    • Aging-resistant and non-corrosive
    • Effectively protected against corrosion
    • Hermetically-sealed transformer
    • Maximum safety and low level maintenance
    • Provides better electric insulation for wire winding and iron core
    • Provides better cooling properties
    • Low power loss and low operation cost


    B. Dry Type Transformers


    • Simple design and easy to implement
    • Fully copper windings and low losses<
    • High efficiency and low noise level
    • Difficult to ignite
    • Moisture resistanc
    • High temperature and durable insulation
    • Safety fireproofing, non-polluting, direct operation on load center
    • Strong mechanical strength, excellent insulation capacity
    • Low partial discharge
    • High reliability
    • Low loss
    • Low noise
    • Low maintenance
    • Energy-saving
    • Long life
    • High heat dispersion and strong serviceability
    • Forced air cooling
    • High humidity-resistant
    • Fire retardant, explosion-proof
    • Compact design and light weight
    • Low noise level, suitable for indoor applications and installations
    • Long functional life as raw materials are submerged in dielectric fluid during production stage
    • Able to overcome non-linear loads effect with integration option


    C. Special Design Transformers


    • Arc furnace transformers
    • Dry type transformers
    • K-rated transformers
    • Mobile transformers
    • Other outdoor and special transformers
    • Outdoor marine duty transformers
    • Rectifier transformers
    • Shunt reactors
    • Traction transformers
    • Transformers for underground mines
    • Transformers suitable for Class 1, Div 2 environment