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  • Bulox Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM) System

    Electrical Power Equipment is strategically important in the Electrical Power, Transmission and Distribution Industry. The equipment is necessary to run a reliable and stable power system economically and efficiently in various industries. The failure and unschedule downtime of equipment can be catastrophic and and even shutdown. Hence, adequate maintenance of equipment is required to ensure the equipment is in good condition and enhance the operation.  Using preventative and predictive maintenance technologies to monitor the condition of equipment is a proven industry best practice. It is envisaged that all the equipment shall be equipped and assembled with innovative Bulox ARM System to provide a comprehensive line of monitoring system and asset protection system.


    The Bulox ARM System is the latest state of art innovation from Bulox Corporation. It is a universally accepted condition monitoring system which helps to monitor your critical Equipment assets such as HV Switchgears, Transformers and Main switchboard 24/7 using latest IOT technologies through clouds system. It is very safe and reliable and will help owner’s peace of mind and security on their equipment before any failure and/ or mishap can occur. The Bulox ARM system uses different type of sensors with different technologies for different equipment. The system also allows the owner as well as the service agent to keep a proper record of all the equipment automatically - as well as allow remote troubleshoot and schedule all the maintenance regularly – all through digital platform. It is an extension of the conventional BMS System – in line with latest Industry 4.0 requirements. Please contact with our sales for more information about this Bulox ARM System



    • Predictive maintenance - Reduce unexpected downtime, maximize lifespan of equipment & operational efficiency.
    • 24/7 Online monitoring – Automatically collect real time data for study and analysis to improve performances.
    • Alert Notification – Receive warning signals when detect changes in the performance of the equipment.
    • Precise Maintenance - Provide more accurate “need-based” maintenance & reduce unnecessary fixed schedule maintenance which can be disruptive and costly.
    • Cloud System – IoT leverage cloud computing and store huge amount of data and convenient for data tracking.
    • Safety - Enhance the safety of the equipment and improve worker safety.
    • Convenience - System interface friendly and easy